Find here everything you need to know to buy in Colombia or from another country

Step by step of the purchase in Colombia

Buy from another country, Colombians abroad:

Financing for Colombians residing in Spain, the United States, England, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, and Belgium who wish to buy a home in Colombia to be inhabited by their Family nucleus. The Request is through the authorized brokers in these countries.


You can buy new home

If you have relatives in Colombia, you can delegate the functions of carrying out all the extra bank procedures through a proxy, and generate the purchase as if you were in this country, they choose the finishes for you and can do all the procedures within the national territory with the bank of your choice.





To make a credit request while in another country, with the security that your investment is safe, you must make it before a broker, authorized almost all national banks have this service, the most common are:

You can finance up to seventy (70%) through Mortgage Credit or up to eighty (80%) through Leasing - Housing, applying the same benefits and policies of each product.


The Mortgage Credit or Housing Leasing originates in Colombia, so the same policies, conditions and benefits established for the products apply.

Banks generally work with these countries Argentina, Brazil, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Belgium, United States, England, Spain, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Switzerland, Costa Rica, New Zealand and Panama.