Building your dreams




COPROGEN SA was born in 2009 with the aim of carrying out a dreamy and visionary project, which took nearly 3 years of uninterrupted work from our managing partner and his team to obtain planning and construction licenses for Mirador de las Lomas; This was our first step, since now the company required to inject of capital to be able to start the works. During 2013, the partnership between Gonzalo Ortiz, a city builder and his family, was consolidated with Cesar Quintero, a well-known merchant and his wife; Those who, seeing the size and scope of the project, decide invest the resource to begin construction of the Mirador de las Lomas. A project that seeks to create natural, quiet, comfortable, personalized and affordable environments for the families that inhabit it.


4 generations living in a house

Tranquility, security and comfort.

Great view and green landscapes. Best support in buying my home.

Family dream.

Wide and illuminated spaces.

Customize our house and be comfortable.